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Fantastic job! I have never met anyone who has more knowledge and experience with animals!
I definitely recommend Critter Control they sent me a angel name CJ. I purchased a used home, my cat was acting weird getting up at night running around. One night she had a mouse in her mouth, I thought I was going to go into cardiac arrest. I called them and they came less than 2 hours of my call. CJ came and set traps under the house, garage and inside, sealed all cracks under and around the house. After 4th day No mice, and none for a month now-Yay!! Cat unhappy though. I’m so impressed and happy. And they monitor your home throughout the year.
Elizabeth W.
Customer service was excellent! Nick came quickly and removed the squirrel from our home. Highly recommend their services!
Received excellent and polite and professional service from CJ. Very happy I called requesting visual check of my condo. Am very relieved am now protected against “critter” invaders. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Rick Braeuninger.
great team fantastic service!
Spoke to Brittany when we needed help with a bat issue. Prompt response. CJ explained everything and gave estimate. Dominic came out to do the work. Very nice young man. Personable and patient with our questions. Bats are gone. Job well done. Thank you.
(no comment)
CJ did not meet my expectations, he exceeded them. I would use CG if I ever had future issues with pests and would request that CJ perform the work. Thanks. Rick.
Excellent customer service all around.
Excellent customer service.
I had a bat I thought in my basement,that turned out to be a bird.CJ was on time,actually early.He told me he loved his job.Then he captured without injury the bird,which he took for release. They answered the phone on sunday,a real person,came the next day,and it was a good price. Ill use and reccomend them again. Ed Freund.
CJ did an outstanding job. Found where the squirrel was getting in and sealed up the hole. Came out and did follow up as well. Very professional hand helpful. I will definitely us them again. The best I have worked with.
David I.
We were very pleased with your technician Nick. He took time to educate us on the habits of bats and performed an extremely thorough inspection of our home. Nicks knowledge and confidence provided my wife reassurance it was safe to stay in the home until the time when nick can return to render the home bat free and secure. Thank you for your prompt response to our needs.
Tom P.
Prompt, courteous, competent.
Susan C.
On time, cheerful, and effective. Thank you.
Cathy W.
Excellent service. Right on time. Very professional and knowledgeable!!!! Highly recommend!!!
James P.
Quick to answer the call, and get to the property immediately. Thank you so much. Sheri Sutherland, Associate Broker, Century21 Northland.
Ethan V.
Wondered about second trap being smaller than the first. Otherwise, expensive, but satisfied
Critter Control did a great job! Everyone from the office staff to the technician who installed my gutter guard were great! Quick response & professional work, I will recommend them to my friends with critter issues.
Gordon L.
Nick got right to it and assessed the problem quickly. We're hopeful that there will be no further squirrel problem.
Odum S.
very professional and fast
Bill L.
Great job. Very pleased. Technician was very professional and personable. We highly recommend Critter Control. Thanks, Bill Laskey
Clifton M.
Job well done! And Nick is a gem! Keep him...if you can!
Jackie B.
Did an excellent job - very professional yet friendly
Carl A.
We were very pleased with the professionlism and expertise demonstrated by Bret in our need for critter services. I would recommend him and your company to others. Sincerely, Carl Anderson
Kevin T.
Great job thank you!!
Kimberly Kelly
CJ was professional and very clear about the squirrels in my attic, the damage they had done and what it would take to repair their damage and remove them. The work was completed and the squirrels are gone. It was seamless with no fuss.
Shann Vander Leek
CJ and Nick are a great team. I'm grateful for their professionalism and attention to details to seal up our 100 year old home to keep the bats out!
Sheila Anderson
The most sincerely concerned service man, and gentleman in general, that I have ever met. I am blessed to have been able to talk with CJ. I would recommend him and his company over any other in the entire universe. If you do business with him/them, you will feel the same way. Sorry that you may need help, but you will be well taken care of with Critter Control.
Suzanne Allen
Critter Control was fabulous in getting rid of bats and bat proofing for future.
ARCH Northern Michigan
The entire team was professional, courteous, and thorough with their job, and took care of our issues thoroughly I would recommend this group any time to anyone needing these services!
Laura Asiala
Every single person was service-oriented, professional, and responsive. Thank you!
Anita Young
Critter Control saved the day(s)! We had a bad squirrel situation at out home and CJ and his crew did an incredible job! They were quick to respond to our call and came right over and assessed the problem. They effectively and safely got rid of the squirrels and now we can sleep in peace again! Thank you guys! ? You provided great, friendly service and we are grateful!
Tami Simpson
CJ at Critter Control is great! We had an ongoing problem with some very determined squirrels and he worked very hard to remedy the situation. Their warranty is great and the communication could not be better. We definitely would recommend them to anyone and they have a client for life with us!
Renee Dean
Excellent assessment and mitigation of bats.
Pam Baumann
Critter Control has knowledgeable reps who are able to figure out the issue quickly and provide solutions that work.
Mitchell Mckolay
Quick and efficient. solved our pest problem quickly! the Woman on the phone and CJ were great to work with!
Sandy Rudolph
CJ from Critter Control was awesome. We had critters (squirrels) scurrying around in our walls & found mice droppings. He got right to work locating nooks & crannies where they could enter; took pictures, explained what he would do, set some bait traps. A piece of aluminum on the porch ceiling had come loose?he reattached it for us! He was back within a few days to set up some wire baskets that allowed critters to exit but not re-enter. Then returned to seal all points of entry. He installed ?baskets? over vents. Bait traps were left & will be refilled 4 times within the year. Our walls are silent & no signs of mice droppings. We are extremely satisfied with Critter Controls effective plan of attack & CJ?s expertise. We highly recommend Critter Control???
Chris D Stowe
CJ is a seasoned professional, is responsive, and is friendly. I?d recommend using his services and I will do so again if I need any future pest control.
brandon deubner
Kevin Webber
CJ did a great job coming to our house to repair, replace and retrofit our fan and dryer vents on our home?s exterior. Three of 4 of them had been inhabited by starling birds with nests, which CJ removed effectively before installing new vents and cages over the vents. Half of the vents were up on the 2nd floor, and he had no problem climbing up and handling the work. Problem solved, quickly and efficiently. Fully recommend CJ and TC Critter Control.
Jodie Franklin
Judy Brinker
We had a raccoon problem, called Critter Control and they were here the next morning! CJ set 2 traps, and by midday the little critter was caught. CJ came right out to relocate him because it was a hot day and he didn't want to just leave him in the cage. We caught 3 more over the next few days. All were relocated! Would recommend this company to every!!!
Kathleen Hyland
They showed up on time and were prompt with service.
Christina Seymour
CJ has been incredibly helpful in our battle against some red squirrels that were particularly interested in our turn of the century roofline. He has gone above and beyond to respond and address each concern, research and ward off additional potential areas of concern, and succeeded in deterring them from our house in a humane way. While the initial estimate seemed pricey, the service he has provided has been completely worth it over time, and I just called him after a year without any notable activity, and he responded immediately - can't say enough about the service he has provided thus far! We highly recommend this company, and CJ in particular!!
Scott Kennedy
Kelly Metz
Jolyn Arens
Elise Shatto
donald gaertner
Ryan H
Kathryn Hintz
Joshua Brown
Kent Flesher
I had bats in the house this spring, they came out the next day! ( thank God may have had to burn the house down) they sealed my home and told me to call if I see anymore. Just today had one in my garage. I called them at 730am he was here by 9am. Removed bat, and sealed another area! No charge for that. Would call them again for anything!
Karen Ardery
CJ did a great job - way better and faster than my contractor did when i called him first. My husband and I are very pleased with The work CJ did today!
Kelly Miller
CJ was wonderful! Prompt, knowledgeable and super efficient!
Thaddeus Wasilewski
Kristen Romps
I called this company in a state of desperation. I had some unwanted visitors in my house. I saw a bat and a snake in my basement. I wanted to burn it down, but thankfully CJ saved the day. When I called, I was able to get right on the schedule. He came and did an inspection and provided us a quote with a detailed plan of attack. The quote was lower than I had anticipated and extremely fair. CJ has followed through on every promise and in a very timely manner. He communicates with us well about when he is coming and what he found. He even gave excellent preventative advice. After he came in and did the work, we saw immediate results. Nothing has flown or slithered in our basement since. I really hope that I never have to, but I will absolutely call them again if I need them. Excellent company. Excellent people. Also, CJ is hilarious and has great stories. He definitely lightens the stress of the situation.
Kevin Manning
Great and friendly service. Highly recommended
Garrett C
I called Critter Control due to mice in our basement. CJ, "Set traps in your basement and mice die in your basement. Set traps outside and mice die outside." We have not had 1 mouse in our basement in the last 5 months thanks to CJ! CJ is now addressing our squirrel problem in our soffit. This is the company to hire. 5 stars.
Terri Jordan
Meghan Wilson
CJ was great and very knowledgeable! He was able to answer all of our questions and quickly take care of the skunk in our yard after he was caught! Very prompt and professional service! Thank you!
Cj McAllister
Best employer I ever worked for everyone works together as a team everyone is on the same page everything gets done right everything I could ever wish for
Heather Hoffman
CJ arrived on time, was friendly and informative, and answered all our questions. I contacted him with another question a week after he was at the house and he responded immediately. Feels good to know you have someone who knows their work and who is available to provide knowledge and great customer service in a timely fashion. While I wish we didn't have a need to call Critter Control, I am glad we did.
joahna carol
This company has really been a great service
Alice Hansen
Billy Johnson
Great company, always responsive and they show up when they say they will, which is a rarity across Northern Michigan service related businesses. They have helped us deal with a persistent chipmunk issue in and out of our home. They come highly recommended.
Chris Wentland
We didn't hire Critter Control, but came across a big snapping turtle in the road. CJ happened to be driving by on a different job and very generously stopped to move the turtle across the road. He was very professional and kind!
Virginie Kanner
Very friendly trapper as well as schedulers I talked to on the phone.
trine bennett
Absolutely the best. We?ve had a recurring squirrel problem in the attic, and I am so happy we no longer do. They are quick, thorough, professional, and have made a huge, annoying problem go away:) Thank you CJ! Thank you Critter Control for taking the stress out of it!!
Lauren Eisbrenner
Nick has been working diligently with us to combat flying squirrels in our attic. He is on top of it and checks in regularly. We are so pleased with his good work and can't say enough about the responsiveness of him and company. Thank you!
julie schwalm
Lisa Newhouse
Awesome work! They were friendly, attentive, and took care of my squirrel and chipmunk problem in a professional and humane way. Alex was great at keeping me updated on my project with them! I highly recommend Critter Control ??
elizabeth McAllister
CJ at Critter Control exceeded my expectations. Very knowledgable and great customer service. I highly recommend Critter Control!
Lisa Donnelly
CJ took care of a skunk problem for us and we were for happy to be rid of it! Great service and very professional.
Carol Rose
Cj rocks!
greg holmes
CJ is THE best!
Sean Carruth
They blew 65-bags of cellulose insulation into my attic and did a wonderful job!
Jeff Harbor Springs
CJ gave the bid but Dominic did most of the work. It took over a year to get this flying squirrel but they did it. At the same time they sealed my whole house air tight. Very professional. Can't say enough praise for Dominic for it is sort of sad he won't be stopping by on a weekly basis anymore. We have a log home so that made for more issues but they ended up getting the job done and we still have coverage for another couple years free of charge. I would highly recommend.
Lisa Jones
Critter Control is fantastic! They are 100% responsive and efficient. Know their business very well, therefore are professional, able to do the jobs in a timely fashion, knowledgeable and friendly. Wish they were in other parts of the country, and I'd use them elsewhere, too! CJ has been on the spot when we needed him, and I feel confident that anyone who is a part of this company would be the same. Highly recommend! thanks, Critter Control!
Jane Kipke
We knew we had bats for a few years- and, they just kept increasing!! By the time we contacted CJ at Critter Control, we needed the opening around our roof edge treated. CJ was thorough and answered any questions we had. I would recommend Critter Control - no more bats to listen to at night!
Terri Jo Umlor
Critter Control does an excellent job for us on our rental houses. They exceed my expectations every time, and their online reporting system with photos is fantastic.
Julie Bennington
Tim Heider
Thanks for the prompt service and fixing our problem the same day. We highly recommend.
Ruth Hartig
A+ response and service.
Melissa Thiede
Best place to work!
Tammy Lawson
Elysha Davila
CJ was great - very knowledgeable and helped us with all aspects of a recent job. Really appreciate it!
Ed Freund
I had a bat I thought in my basement,that turned out to be a bird.CJ was on time,actually early.He told me he loved his job.Then he captured without injury the bird,which he took for release. They answered the phone on sunday,a real person,came the next day,and it was a good price. Ill use and reccomend them again. Ed Freund.
From initial discussions to the final payment, this is a team of professionals. I have an ongoing problem with a wood sided house. Nick carefully explained and wrote out the coverage options, and promptly resolved the problem. When a momma squirrel was upset because she could not reach her young, we called Nick. He showed up in under an hour, on a Saturday, and brought the young to mom. Fantastic service all around!
Scott Bonato
Honest and knowledgeable. Nick knows his stuff and I would absolutely recommend him to friends.