Commercial Wildlife Control

Critter Control of Traverse City can help with commercial wildlife control problems. We offer safe, humane, and effective commercial wildlife control. When business owners are faced with problems with raccoons, geese, rats, squirrels, or other pests, the feeling can be overwhelming.

Trapping and Removal

Pigeon Problem in Traverse CityCritter Control of Traverse City has trapping and removal techniques that are safe for both the wildlife animal and your home or business. Getting squirrels out of a commercial attic, removing rats from your store's walls, and other extraction tasks are difficult.

Damage Repairs and Prevention

  • Do you have squirrels chewing the electrical wires in your business?
  • Are you finding rat droppings among your desks and tables in your office?
  • Are there unsightly pigeon droppings outside your front door?

Our technicians will repair damage and return your business to a critter-free and safe working atmosphere. Some repairs will double as prevention work, including vent screening and one-way doors. Your technician will follow up work with further prevention services. Ensuring that your business is critter-safe and that your wildlife animal pests are gone is a great concern of ours!

Our Services

We can handle wildlife control problems in condominium properties, apartment buildings, retail stores, office buildings, industrial plants, military bases, warehouses and more. Critter Control of Traverse City has extensive training on all wildlife animal intelligence levels, habits, and diet preferences which is important when creating a unique wildlife control solution for your commercial sized problem.

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