Wildlife Damage

Several bats in Traverse City basementWildlife animals in a home will create extensive damages in a short amount of time. Even damages that may seem small can create bigger problems in the future. Critter Control of Traverse City will repair wildlife damages and clean up the mess left behind. Get rid of the wildlife problem in your home completely. Call Critter Control of Traverse City!

Common Wildlife Damages

There are many types of damages wildlife animals can cause in the home. A few common wildlife damages may include:

  • Wildlife holes in yard
  • Chewed or scratched holes in structures
  • Nests
  • Wildlife droppings
  • Chewed wires

If you see any of these signs, you may have a wildlife problem that needs to be handled. Our experienced technicians will identify the problem wildlife and educate you on the specific control methods that will be necessary moving forward. We want to ensure that we remove the animal, repair the damage left behind, and seal up entry points to ensure no further invasion.

Call us at Critter Control of Traverse City if you suspect wildlife control problems!