A common complaint that our Traverse City office receives is bat removal requests. Bats are often found roosting inside attics and walls, and the accumulation of their droppings inside businesses and homes alike can become a serious health hazard to all exposed. If you notice evidence of bats on your property or inside your home, call Critter Control of Traverse City’s technicians today at 231.238.3553 or leave us additional information on your issue here.

Bat Problems?

Bats in Traverse CityBats are nocturnal creatures that eat a variety of common pests including; mosquitoes, flies, and moths. There are many different types of bats, but little brown bats and big brown bats are often seen in the Traverse City area. 

Common Bat Problems

Although bats don't commonly cause problems to humans directly, they can become a problem in your Traverse City home or barn.

  • Accumulation of droppings causing odor and sickness.
  • Their droppings can harbor dangerous fungal spores such as histoplasmosis

Critter Control's Bat Solutions

Due to the nature of bats and the diseases that they carry, it's best to call Critter Control to take care of bat removal. Critter Control also offers cleanup services to restore areas that may have been affected by bat droppings. Call us today at 231.238.3553!

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Bats are common in the Traverse City area. While bats are beneficial to the environment for controlling bug populations they can cause a host of issues for homeowners. If you have a bat problem give us a call today!
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