House mice, despite their tiny size, can be extremely dangerous to properties and homes. They can be carriers of numerous diseases and hazardous parasites. Mice are often found in human-inhabited areas because human byproducts provide them with both shelter and food sources. Call Critter Control of Traverse City for help removing mice from your property today. Call us today at 231.238.3553 or provide more information on our handy online form here.

Getting Rid of Mice

House mouse infestations Traverse CityOnce mice begin procreating, their population becomes incredibly difficult to control, especially for untrained homeowners. Mice are speedy, small, and nimble and are capable climbers, jumpers, and swimmers. The best thing to do when you suspect you have a mouse problem is call a professional immediately.

Common Mice Problems

  • Most house mice damages come from their need to chew and gnaw on things. They often chew on wood, books, support beams, and electrical wires. 
  • They are a very unhygienic rodent. Spending a significant amount of time rummaging through dumpsters and sewers, they carry a host of germs and diseases.
  • Mice can contaminate hundreds of dollars worth of food, even food you think is safe in your cupboard.
  • Mice are known for digging up freshly-planted crops and gnaw through solid food storage containers.

Get Rid of Mice Permanently

Fortunately for homeowners, mice are not very conspicuous and leave plenty of signs of their presence; infestations can be detected early. Once the first signs of mouse activity appear, property owners should contact the professionals at Critter Control to deal with the problem. Our trained technicians have the tools and extensive knowledge of house mouse behavior to quickly and safely remove infestations. Critter Control of Traverse City can help you remove mice from your home and get mice out of your attic. Call us at 231.238.3553 today!

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The house mouse is the most successful rodent at adapting to live with people. It is found almost anywhere people are, feeding on human food, sheltering in human structures, and reproducing at a remarkable rate. It is the most troublesome and economically important vertebrate pest, contaminating untold millions of dollars worth of food, damaging possessions, and causing electrical fires with its constant gnawing.
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