Mole problems can be hard to deal with, especially if they have been allowed to roam freely in your yard for a while. They can disrupt the structural integrity of homes and cause home and outbuilding collapses. If you have noticed mole presence in your yard, it is important to contact a professional wildlife company to ensure the moles are thoroughly removed. Call Critter Control of Traverse City today at 231.238.3553 or contact us online here.

Moles in The Yard?

Mole problems in Traverse CityMoles are well known for their ability to dig intricate and extensive underground tunnel systems in yards and gardens. Due to living mostly underground, moles have very underdeveloped senses. Moles are heavily drawn to areas with loose soils in meadows and grasslands. Critter Control can help you remove moles from your yard for good.

Common Mole Complaints

  • Moles tunnel close to ground surfaces, creating many mounds of upturned dirt.
  • The burrows that moles create will kill grass and vegetation, and leave the sports field unplayable.

Full-Service Mole Removal & Prevention

Mole control methods can be time-consuming and costly. Traps will need to be monitored and boundaries will need to be planted to exclude the small mammals from entering the area again.

Most importantly, if the wrong mole control methods are implemented, it can actually cause more damage. Critter Control of Traverse City has the experience to effectively get rid of your mole problems with long-term results.

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Mole tunnels, mole damage to your lawn, or mounds in your yard? Get rid of moles in your yard. Call your local Critter Control office today for effective mole removal services. We practice safe and effective mole removal solutions in order to eliminate any mole problems you may be having.
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