Traverse City is no stranger to raccoon activity, especially at night. A common visitor in yards and a frequent flier to trash cans. Raccoons are fans of residential and commercial properties, and they can cause serious damage inside and outside, including expensive structural issues and landscape damage.

We will remove raccoons from your property and install raccoon prevention methods to keep these masked bandits out for good. Call Critter Control of Traverse City’s office at 231.238.3553 today for help with raccoon removal or contact us here!

Get Rid of Raccoons

Raccoon in yard in Traverse CityImagine walking outside in the morning and seeing a tipped over trashcan — Traverse City residents can usually guess which animal it is just from this behavior. Critter Control has a group of experienced technicians that will take care of your raccoon issues.

We believe that equally as important as raccoon removal is raccoon prevention. We are able to perform either of these services, and keeping a crafty wildlife animal such as a raccoon out of your home will often require both.

Frequently Reported Raccoon Problems

Raccoons can be responsible for a variety of problems for homeowners, such as:

  • Damage through chewing on walls, roofs, furniture, electrical wires, etc.
  • Damage to insulation: contamination, deterioration, etc.
  • Odor and staining from waste; contamination associated with viruses and diseases
  • Spreading ticks, lice, and other parasites
  • Landscape and garden damages

Raccoon Removal Services

Raccoons are known for becoming aggressive when they feel threatened, and they carry dangerous diseases. It's best to leave the trapping and removal to the professionals at Critter Control. We can get rid of your raccoon problems. Give us a call today!  231.238.3553

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Raccoons are annoying pests that cause all sorts of damages to your home. Give us a call today if you suspect a raccoon causing damages near your property or home!
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