Woodpeckers are a large species of bird that are well-known for being one of the more raucous species of birds. They often drill into trees as a form of social activity, but it can be very destructive to trees and disruptive to human routine. Traverse City is no stranger to woodpecker issues. Your local Critter Control technicians can help you get rid of woodpeckers and help discourage them from coming onto your property. Call Critter Control of Traverse City today for help removing woodpeckers. 231.238.3553 or visit us here.

Get Rid of Woodpeckers

Woodpecker problems in Traverse CityAre you hearing loud drumming noises coming from your yard or house? These sounds could be the result of woodpeckers. These bids drill into trees and wood in hopes of finding bugs to feed on. They are incredibly persistent and cause large damages if not handled properly. 

Common Woodpecker Problems

  • Frequent loud and obnoxious noises.
  • Structural dames to sides of houses, eaves and trim boards
  • Leave trees damages and susceptible pest insects, disease, and even death. 

Critter Control Woodpecker Solutions

When woodpecker populations get out of hand, contact Critter Control. Our technicians are trained in humane and thorough pest removal and are familiar with woodpecker behavior. Turning to our team of wildlife removal specialists ensures all the people and birds involved remain free of injury and disease. Call today! 231.238.3553


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Drumming noises? Holes in your wood siding? Woodpeckers pecking and damaging your house? These sounds and damage may well be due to woodpeckers. Call Critter Control today for effective prevention of woodpecker damage.
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