Wildlife Prevention Methods

Preventing wildlife issues caulk corners of house Traverse CityCritter Control provides wildlife prevention services in Traverse City and the surrounding area to help keep animals out of your home once they are removed. Our prevention services will keep wildlife animals from entering your home for good. Critter Control of Traverse City is your full-service wildlife control company! Call us today.

Critter Control's professionals have extensive wildlife knowledge and know where they like to nest and live, what they like to eat, and their behavioral patterns. In order to fully prevent any future animal problems, your professional can implement more than one method.

Property Modifications

The first step in keeping wildlife animals out of your home will involve changes to your property to become less appealing for the wild animals. Animals like squirrels, raccoons, opossums and skunks will enter your property if they can't find food, water or a place to nest in nature. We will get rid of potential opportunities to keep wildlife traffic away from your property.

Exclusion Methods

Exclusion is the most effective form of wildlife prevention. This method will include the installation of materials to keep animals from coming inside. The barriers may include screening, fencing, and capping. Critter Control of Traverse City will install necessary materials to your home. Our wildlife prevention methods are proven and humane. We will keep wildlife animals out for good, while keeping them safe!

Exclusion Materials

  • Chimney cap installation animal exclusionChimney — Adding chimney caps and screening can prevent animals from falling in or nesting
  • Plumbing vents — Animals seeking shelter can become stuck in plumbing pipes
  • Roof and fascia spaces — Poorly sealed points between roof and fascia invite animal entry
  • Roof vents — Lightweight, flimsy vents should be replaced with heavy secure roof vents
  • Oven and bathroom exhaust vents — Adding screening to vents helps keep animals out
  • Roof/Soffit intersection — Securing gaps will help prevent animal chewing and entry
  • Holes in siding — Repairing and reinforcing holes will discourage animal infestation
  • Porch and deck — Durable screening around base prevents nesting animals
  • Trees and landscaping — Removal of overhanging tree limbs and encroaching vegetation

Proven Prevention Methods

Critter Control of Traverse City will remove and prevent raccoons, mice, bird, skunks and other wildlife animals from coming into your home and property. Contact us as soon as you suspect a wildlife control problem to avoid costly damages.